Yandere Simulator does not have a budget yet, so I can’t pay anyone to create assets for the game at this point in time. Instead, Yandere Simulator relies on the support of volunteers who kindly and generously offer to lend their skills to the game for free.

I have been corresponding with numerous volunteers since the project began in April of 2014. It is extremely difficult to determine the exact size of the “team”, since some volunteers leave the project without announcing their departure, some volunteers only have enough spare time to contribute to the game about once a month, and some volunteers currently have no tasks and are “on call”. If I don’t hear from someone in a week, this could mean that they are waiting for a task, it could mean that they’re too busy to contact me, or it could mean that they’ve simply left the project.

I receive a very large number of e-mails every day. It can be extremely difficult for me to locate a specific person or asset, especially when volunteers write e-mails titled “Hey” or “Yo” or “What’s up” which give me no clue as to the contents of the e-mail.

I would like to establish new rules for e-mailing me:

Rule #1

The subject of your e-mail must follow this format:

  • Name / Specialty / Task / Progress

For example:

  • Jack / 3D Animator / Stabbing Animation / Finished
  • Sarah / Voice Actress / Death Screams / 90% Done
  • Gary / 3D Modeller / Knife / 50% Done

If you don’t title your e-mail like this, and one day I need to go back and find your e-mail, it will be absolutely impossible for me.

Rule #2

If you are contacting me because you would like to volunteer for the project, you must send me an example of your previous work. If you don’t, then I have to write an e-mail that says, “I can’t tell you whether or not I want to give you tasks until I’ve seen examples of your work,” and this is a waste of your time and my time.

If you’d like to contribute as a voice actor, send me a voice demo reel. If you’d like to contribute as a 3D animator, send me an animation demo reel. If you don’t know what a demo reel is, you’re not ready to contribute to this project.

Rule #3

If you are no longer available to work on Yandere Simulator, please inform me. Please don’t vanish without saying a word. You don’t even have to share your reasons if you don’t want to; just let me know that I shouldn’t bother waiting for you to deliver an asset in the future.

If you have been given a task and you go for longer than a week without sending me an update on your progress, I will presume that you have left the project.

Rule #4

It is entirely possible that I may intentionally give multiple volunteers the same task, in anticipation that one of them might fail me (sometimes volunteers vanish, are unable to complete their task, work at an unacceptably slow pace, or produce low-quality work).

You must accept the possibility that your work may be discarded in favor of superior work.

How do I volunteer?

If you’d like to volunteer for the project, you must e-mail me at [email protected] – I won’t check the comment section here for volunteers.

What do you need right now?

Here is a Google Doc spreadsheet outlining every asset that I currently need:


I will update that spreadsheet whenever my needs change, which could happen on a daily basis.

What do I need to know if I’m a 3D animator?

I can only provide Yandere Simulator’s character rigs in Maya format. If you are a 3D animator, I can only accept your help if you use Maya.

What do I need to know if I’m a 3D Artist?

Everything written here:


That page will be updated whenever new rules are established or new information needs to be shared.

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