Yandere Simulator Rival Mods

Here you will find a wide selection of mods for Yandere Simulator that allow you to customize your rivals in the game to your liking. From changing their appearance to giving them new abilities, the mods available here will let you create the perfect rival for your playthrough. With so many options, you’re sure to find a mod that fits your play style and makes your Yandere Simulator experience even more enjoyable. So explore our selection and get ready to battle it out with your custom rival!

Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink 2.0 

Credits to: Edit

  • Madpai for: Tsundere-Chan uniform
  • LeTaiNguyen86: Amai, Asu and Mida’s textures (parts)
  • Chalkpai: for the Kizana’s stockings
  • YANDERETSKUHI for: Osoro, Muja stockings and Megami and ports
  • Pixєl Shєikah for Amai’s eyes and Mida stockings


Version: February 15

DL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b9zpnx513iv71wi/Rivals+mod+2.0.rar

The Real Rival-chan in the school by Lana Rose

Hello, this mod includes Rival-chan the real one! Instead of her standing all day in the tree, you can now can kill her, also includes Osana Najimi!

In this mod you can;

– Be Rival-chan by default command (so you have to activate it manually and must be activated by changing the sports uniform)

– Kill Rival-chan in different ways since it replaces Kokona Haruka


– In the amistory he was bugged like the kidnapping and when he wears the gym uniform (it is very scary …)

– Maybe the uniform of Rival-chan is bugged but there is a 10% that can happen to you

Is not the biggest mod in history but I think it brings something interesting I hope you enjoy it :3


whops! the file of “Reset Idle” is bugged here is the no bugged sorry! but download fast!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/197wflgx5xb6n29/Reset+Idle.txt

Video :

The Real Rival Chan Mod – Lana Rose

Rivals Mod By KawaiCats & Xhurtbethink

Photo 6-1480894352.png

This mod is for the November 19 build, it adds every rival and their stockings.

Rivals mod-0.png

Thanks to YANDERETSKUHI For doing some portraits.

If you attack Rival-Chan or Osana Najimi, they could attack you.

If you can’t talk to someone, pick up a weapon.

More Added Things:

  1. Added Osana Najimi (Senpai’s Childhood Friend)
  2. Added Amai Odayaka (Cooking Club President)
  3. Added Kizana Sunobu (Drama Club President)
  4. Added Oka Ruto (President of the Occult Club)
  5. Added Asu Rito (President of the Sports Club)
  6. Added Muja Kina (School Nurse)
  7. Added Mida Rana (Substitute Teacher)
  8. Added Osoro Shidesu (Leader of the Delinquents)
  9. Added Hanako Yamada (Senpai’s Little Sister)
  10. Added Megami Saikou (Student Council President)
  11. Added Satomi Najimi (Osana’s Sister)
  12. Added Himedere-Chan
  13. Added Kasami Saikou (Megami fake mom just like the owner)
  14. New Students (Custom Students)
  15. New Texture for Supana Churu
  16. New Routines

Link Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s2n9c2r04gobr3k/Mod+By+KawaiCats+and++Xhurtbethink.rayandre

Guys, my rivals mod is finally out! The original mod was made by User:Oka-Senpai. However, I changed a lot of things so that it is practically a completely different mod Please don’t be mad and say that I ripped off Oka Senpai

because I didn’t. I replaced all of her Characters with mine.

Rival Mods

My Fan Made portrait of Asu Rito

yandre sim first build

Karismatic Amai Odayaka.png

Enough of that, now let’s get right into the mod! This mod has 9 canon rivals: Osana Najimi, Amai Odayaka, Kizana Sunobu, Oka Ruto, Asu Rito, Mida Rana, Hanako Yamada (Senpai’s little sister) and Megami Saiko. However, I couldn’t add in Muja Kina so I used one of my OCs, Eikyu Basu, instead.

The challenge is to kill all of the rivals in order (Eikyu replacing the nurse). Do this without Turtle or Debug Commands.

Also, only kill the rivals (without being caught after). Almost forgot, NO EASTER EGGS. Can you beat my challenge?

WARNING it’s very difficult. 😉

Many textures in this md were made by Oka-Senpai


Rivals Mod By : Lana Rose

There are many people out there who create mods so I’d like to give it a try! I’m trying to be as original as possible, like refraining from giving Amai Odayaka the hairstyle of Mei Mio since she deserves a better hair. The following are what to expect from this mod:

– Added rivals.

– Added sisters of some rivals.

– Changed additional information.

Changed some routines.

– Changed some poses.

– The false leaders have more life.

Note: It only works on the September 24th build.


Rivals Mod:The Minor Improvements Update by: TaroSans01

This mod finally updated to MatchMake build!!!

The new build of that mod add that rivals:*Osoro Shidesu (Delinquent Rival)

  • Hanaya Hanika (Tsun Chan)
  • Asu Rito (Sports Club Leader)


Additions:*Added new stockings for Osana and Megami (Salmon panties for Osana)

  • Changed the routines
  • Added a “Osana’s suitor”

* Added a new persnona into the game the Clingy/Damsel

  • Changed the appearance and name of Hannaya to Kaihatsu
  • Change the hair of Kuu Dere for a reason
  • Changed the rivals events

And more things!


Credits*Thanks MadPie for borrow the Asu Texture!

  • The Osoro’s portrait is from Shin Higaku The Occult PE Leader,thanks
  • The Megami portrait is from FranciChan,Thanks So Much!
  • Thanks MadPie for do the events for me!

Download Link:☀http://www.mediafire.com/file/h3nc9hroxjjhafr/Rivals+Mod+The+Minor+Improvements+Uptade.zip

Thanks S Pete for making a video.

This mod is from 29th build

Rivals Mod by MadPie

RivalsModbyMadPie3.0 (1).png

This mod includes:

  • Some canon rivals.
  • Custom events for these rivals.
  • Drastical changes for some students.
  • Custom additonal info.

Note: I’m not trying to copy anyone. My first version of the Rivals Mod was released April this year and it only had two rivals.

Known bug: You can not douse a student during her phone call.

This mod is for the September 24 build only.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/451myz88z98i0d7/Rivals+Mod+3.0.rar

(Remember to replace the files correctly!)

Download september 24 build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1wJTPFsbYPvdVNGR1VEc19GV1U/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: This mod got so popular! I didn’t expected that! Thanks everyone!!!

Not Another Rivals Mod By ayano- ashsi gamer

I wish there wasnt so many rival mods out there already, especially when I started one before I realized how many there were! I still am going to post mine though due to people really wanting me to.

DONT REPORT BUGS TO YANDEREDEV CAUSED BY THIS MOD. Also, to decrease chances of this mod screwing up royally, I advise that you do not tamper with the sharedassets or json or dll files any more than i already have. It might make the whole mod blow up or something.

Theprevious build’s bugs have been fixed, you can now go to class again and not have the screen freak out. Rival-Chan was also fixed texture-wise.


    • Osana Najimi, Amai Odayako, Kizana ‘Haruka'(Kokona reference), Asu Rito hair color, Muja Kina substitute Nurse, substitute teacher Mida Rana, Osoro Shidesu, Hanako Yamada, Megami Saiko.
    • All have custom info/clubs, some have special animations and destinations. Some include extra strength boosts to their character or certain personalities.
    • Custom meshes/textures for hair, accessories, some special routines.

CHALLENGE: Eliminate all rivals that you can in one week WITHOUT using the debug commands to do anything(including the turtle except for enable/disable sanity animations and pass time +/= button) or easter eggs. You can only acquire skills including seduction/strength/reputation via manually through days or clubs! Also remember, DONT GET CAUGHT~.

Edit: This Challenge is in fact possible, but I advise you take your time with it and actually explore or boost stats and learn info before you go stabbing everyone.(Dont forget dem panty shots).

Build Additions
Sept 29th

Oct 16th

Two different versions made.

Version 1: Added Nurse, New Hair meshes, Improved

textures, misc little things

Version 2: Added back Oka Ruto’s hair because it just wasnt right without it.

Most Recent Build(Oct 16):

Updates Link
Sept 29th Osana http://www.mediafire.com/file/sxc64nobhdho9no/RivalModOsana.rar
Sept 29th Amai http://www.mediafire.com/file/dc3tucg79ez6gue/RivalModAmari.rar
October 16th All (Most Recent) Version 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1wrabtnj4tubmed/YandereSimulator.rar

Version 2: ☀http://www.mediafire.com/file/uzzmamzdzi63567/Rivals_mod.rar

Thank you for making my mod so popular, I never thought it would be good enough for people to like it so much! Also, shout out to Bijuu Mike for playing this he’s a wonderful youtuber, my suggestion though would be not to try and get everyone all at the same time. 😉 Also thank you to BTB Gamers for enjoying this mod, it makes me really happy and you inspired me to try and put the nurse into this mod now.

Rivals Mod V1 By TaroSans01

This mod add these rivals into the game:

Osana Najimi (Senpai’s Childhood Friend)

Hanako Yamada (Senpai’s Imouto)

Megami Saiko (Student Council President)

Hanna Tashiwaka (Victim Chan)


And these additions:

Added Oka’s new hair

Added a new student


Download Link: (This mod is from September 3rd)


P.S: Please don’t report any bugs to YANDERE DEV

Rivals Mod V1.0 ! By NightmareTheTeek

=== My second mod! I know the CCL has a different portrait, all of these are not 100% accurate. Also, there are bugs in this version. ===

P.S You can’t win if you kill all the rivals.

Rivals V1.0

Credit for the people that made the portraits, idk who they are, I just found the portraits in Google Images.

Download Link:http://gamejolt.com/games/rivals-mod-v1-0/189984

Rivals Mod by MarcPLays

This mod adds all rivals except for the Delinquent Rival and Student Council President


Amai Muffin (Cooking Club Leader)

Kiyoko Yamada (Senpai’s Sister)

Drama Club Leader (Kokona Haruka)

Swim Team Captain

Osana Najimi (Senpai’s Childhood “Friend,” or is she..?)

Download Link: Coming Soon

Rivals, new characters and new Sakyu Basu hair

This mod changes all boys into girls. All ten rivals are there. This mod also changes Sakyu’s hair. Also, I added Victim-Chan, Witness-Chan and Student-Chan.

(The mod creator had to make Yandere-Chan’s hair cyan.)


https://www.mediafire.com/folder/edscguy4a8a1n/Rival_and_more_characters_mod ===


All 10 Rivals Mod by Yandere6316

This mod replaces some students so that they look like the final rivals.


Works with August 2nd build.

Rival-chan mode by kgftbz

=== This mod adds Rival-chan, Oka Ruto, Info-chan and the Nurse as a normal NPC like Senpai. Link to mod:https://mega.nz/#F!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olk ===

 Osoro Simulator Mod

“Violence always works.” Osoro replied.

Mod by Monsterette. This mod is related to the rivals (new weapons, items and a cutscene). To download the Osoro Simulator mod, visit this page:

A Lovesick Mission


Made by Lil’ Strawberry Shortcake

It is for the March 15th (2020) build. The rules can be found in the StreamingAssets folder. Have fun & good luck! xoxo ~

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