Yandere Simulator OC Mods

Here you can find all the latest and greatest OC mods for Yandere Simulator. We have a variety of mods to choose from, all of which will give you a new and exciting experience when playing the Yandere Simulator. Whether you’re looking for custom characters, new items, or something totally unique, you’ll find it all right here. So explore, enjoy, and have fun!

Koko Wa Aidesu

Koko Wa Aidesu is a Yandere Simulator mod that has 11 rivals in it. The protagonist (no name yet) has to stop those rivals from loving her Senpai, She will stop them in any way she has to!


The leaders of Koko Wa Aidesu are:

Yandere Dazzle

OC Mods

Default Kun


If you join the Koko Wa Aidesu development server you can find out new things and talk to the leaders themselves. You could also volunteer, talk and much much more!

Server code: NTjvYV

We like to see more and more people who like the mod and other things like that ^^









Sorry, you will have to wait until the mods release, or join the discord server to find out more information and get an early build download.


There are 11 rivals in the game!

Ayumi Kaori-Main Rival

Hiro Brad-Male Rival

Akane Emi-

Shika Zei-

Meiko Michiyo-

Kaho Jetzu-

Naho Kizama-Occult Rival

Neko Misko-Kitty Rival

Sae Boku-Rich Rival

Itami Kiyomete-Model Rival

Hano Saku-Evil Rival

That is it for now.


“Jasmine Khat’s OCs Mod by Jasmine Khat (ver 1)”


My best friend Lia – Lia Spell Uniform Design
Ty-dere – For the guide I used to help with the JSON files
Ana Bani – Showed me a way to use different uniforms on students at once

Programs Used

Kisekae 2 (kon 2) – Uniform designs
Mmd (MikuMikuDance) – Extra animations
PaintTool SAI
Unity Assets Extractor


Coming soon!

Kyoiku High

oh wow would you look at that, a new mod?

OK so, Kyoiku High is an OC mod for Yandere Sim. Instead of Akademi, it’s Kyoiku. I’m working on the students, hairs, poses, cutscenes and more at the moment.


None available yet, since the game is literally a buggy frigging mess.


I accidentally made a new wiki for this cause I’m stupid but if ya wanna see the leaders and some clubs so far go to this link:

Kyoiku High


You can see the first cutscene on my YouTube channel: JoeyAlex


I used the modding page on this Wikia A LOT and the portraits I’ve made are all from the Useful Portrait Stuff wiki page.

Rival Mod by Trapdev

Hi guys, today I’m sharing my first ever working mod! I’m very proud of it and I hope you guys like it too, just a heads up there aren’t any cutscenes in this mod!

Download (Bug fixing)


(Sorry for updating so much!)

New Students

  1. Amaterasu Rindon is the rival of this mod, I’ve tried my best to make it hard to kill her.
  2. Bashira Doi is a protector of your rival, she will take pictures of corpses and murder.
  3. Chizue Den is a prob
  4. It’s me!
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