Bug Report

To understand how to send a useful bug report, please follow the instructions written below:

  • To fix a bug, I need to see a list of steps that cause the bug to happen 100% of the time. This is extremely important. Without a set of “repro steps”, I can’t reproduce the bug or try to fix it.
  • If you figure out a set of steps that reliably causes the bug to happen, then please tell me what those steps are. If you can't give me extremely clear instructions on exactly how to replicate the bug that you found, then don't bother sending me a bug report. If I cannot experience the bug for myself, then I won't be able to fix it.

Here is some more important information to keep in mind when reporting a bug:

  • DO NOT report bugs that can only occur when you are using debug commands. Debug commands will not be available in the final game, so it's pointless to report bugs that result from them.
  • DO NOT report bugs that you saw in a Let's Play video. New builds are updated very frequently, so YouTube videos become outdated very quickly.
  • DO NOT report a bug that only occurs when you are playing the game with a fan-made mod installed.
  • DO NOT report a bug unless you are running the latest version of the game.
  • DO NOT use vague language. Use extremely specific and clear language.
  • DO NOT attempt to tell jokes in your bug report. Only give me the facts.
  • DO NOT report a bug if you can't explain how I can encounter it.
  • ONLY report a bug if you can successfully trigger the bug any time you try to make it happen.
  • ONLY report a bug if you can can tell me exactly what I must do to experience it for myself.
  • It isn't necessary, but if you can send me video footage of the bug that you're reporting, this would help me out a lot. (Obviously, I need to see the events that caused the bug to occur, rather than the aftermath of the bug.)

If all of these criteria are met, head to the Contact page and report the bug you found.

Known Bugs


  • If a student dies very close to a wall or an object, they may clip into the wall or object, and the ragdoll physics on their corpse may break.

Blood and Gore

  • When dismembering a female corpse, the body parts that appear will be wearing a white schoolgirl uniform regardless of what the NPC was wearing.
  • When holding a bloody object near any non-bloody object, the non-bloody object may temporarily have a bloody texture.


  • If multiple teachers witness a corpse, they will all call the police even though only one of them needs to call the police, and they will have difficulty pathfinding to a position around the corpse.
  • If you kill a student, they can still post messages on social media.



  • Sometimes, after taking a photograph, Xbox controller buttons will be displayed onscreen instead of keyboard keys.

Not a Bug

  • ​​​​​​​If you see this, or if you can’t see any text displaying when you try to play the game, it means that your download was corrupted, or your anti-virus software made a mistake and deleted some of Yandere Simulator’s files. The only solution is to re-download the game.
  • The appearance / behavior of a dead Titan corpse is intentional, not a bug.

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