A Bug-Fixing Build and a Rap Battle

I’ve got two things for you today! The first thing is a new build of the game, with some bug fixes and adjustments. The second thing is…a rap battle between Yandere-chan and Osana Najimi! Yes, that’s right! You can see the battle here:

Fixes and Changes

  • Updated some of the sanity-based killing animations so that the victim’s body would not wind up too far away from their position at the beginning of the animations.
  • Fixed bug that was causing a shadow to appear over Yandere-chan’s face if the player activated the panty censor before or during Tornado Mode.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Befriend/Betray” cutscene to break if the player had chosen the 6th school uniform.
  • Changed the functionality of Blade Hair Mode. The original functionality was too difficult to activate.
  • If school atmosphere is low, the school’s loading screen will be different.
  • Fixed clipping problems with a few of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles.
  • Sanity-based killing animations are now activated by default.
  • Added twelve new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added one new accessory for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed typos in the game’s credits.

Secret Message

This has nothing to do with the game’s development, so you can just ignore the following text if you’d rather not listen to me talk about anything unrelated to Yandere Sim:

Y kysa lymmat “Heur” ec lusehk uid dutyo. E’ja paah yhdelebydehk drec kysa vun y jano muhk desa. E’s cunno, pid E ypcumidamo HAAT du dyga y tyo uvv du bmyo drec kysa. E’s kuehk du cdnays dra kysa yd dfedlr.dj/oyhtanataj

E fyc unekehymmo bmyhhehk du cdynd dra cdnays yd 12:00 huuh (eh dra BCD desa wuha). Rufajan, drana ryc paah y tamyo, yht huf E ys hud cina frah dra cdnays femm pakeh. Rubavimmo, ed femm pa jano cuuh.

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