Yandere Simulator Rivals

Within the game world, yandere simulator rivals play a very important role, without them, you cannot win the game. The objective of the game is to stay with Senpai (Taro Yamada) and we have 10 enemies that prevent us from achieving it. Meet all the Rivals of Yandere Simulator.
On September 28, 2016, Yandere Dev announced the rivals that the game will have officially. Each rival represents a level in the game, therefore, and as we progress, it is more difficult to eliminate them.

It is important to mention that the game is still in development until the first rival is implemented.

Osana Najimi


She is the first rival, her name means “childhood friend”. This girl has known Taro since they were children and they always go to school together. Her best friend always accompanies her everywhere, so it is difficult to eliminate her because she has great strength and martial arts skills.

It is inspired by Asuka Langley Sōryū (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night), and Michiru Matsushima (Grisaia no Kajitsu).

It is the most anticipated and the most hated by fans of the game. Before unveiling the game's official rivals, the following girls were used as the game's rivals: Kokona Haruka and Victim-chan.

Amai Odayaka


It is the second rival. Her name means “Sweet and Gentle”. She is the leader of the cooking club and her personality is very sweet. Her family owns a bakery where Senpai goes shopping regularly. She will be away for a week due to illness. You will become attached to it and that makes it very difficult to eliminate it.

Kizana Sonubu

It is the third rival. Her name means “snob”. “Kokona Haruka” was originally intended to be an official rival, however, this changed and she was replaced by this drama club leader girl. Kokona and Kizana are very similar in design, but the explanation is that Kokona wants to be like Kizana and that's why she copies him. She is away for 2 weeks because she is recovering from a broken bone. Her narcissistic personality can make you hate her, she pays attention to Taro because of her popularity and she believes that she would make the perfect couple with him. The difficulty of eliminating her is because she is very popular and she is always surrounded by people.

Oka Ruto

yandere simulator oka ruto

The school has an occult club where Oka Ruto is the leader. Her name means “occult” and she is the fourth rival. This girl was implemented in the update of November 15, 2015. She believes in magic, ghosts, and everything that has to do with supernatural themes. She will be away for 3 weeks and when she returns she will meet Senpai in a chance stumble, her interest is because she is convinced that Taro cast a spell on her.

It was implemented as a suggestion to have a goth girl in the game. She is one of Yandere Dev's favorite rivals.

Asu Rito

asu rite

Asu is the fifth rival and her name means “Athlete”. She is the leader of the sports club, she is energetic and the reason for her absence (4 weeks) in the first few weeks is because she went to train for the Olympics in a specialized center. Taro decides to find a distraction from the events that occurred in the previous weeks, so she decides to join the sports club where she meets Asu Rito.

Muja Kina

muja kina

Her name means “naive”, she is the substitute nurse of the school and the sixth rival of the game. She has a goofy personality and likes to take care of others. Senpai will visit her follow her and falls in love with her.

The sixth and seventh rivals were controversial for the game, which is why Yandere Dev clarifies that Taro is of legal age to have a relationship with school personnel.

Measure Frog


Our seventh rival is a substitute teacher. Her name means “indecent” and her favorite hobby is seducing students. Being a teacher, way to eliminate her is difficult because she not only knows how to defend herself against her, but we also run the risk of being expelled from school.

This teacher simply chose Taro as one of the students that she must seduce.

Osoro Shiatsu


We continue to increase the level of difficulty and the eighth rival is the leader of the criminals. Her name means “terrifying” and she was expelled from school for several weeks for doing heinous acts. The jacket that she wears as a cape is nothing more than a trophy that she won by defeating the leader of another criminal gang.

This rival will be difficult to eliminate not only because of her strength but also because she is surrounded by her delinquent friends who will not last to beat you to death. Her relationship with Taro is also a chance encounter with which she is impressed.

Hanako Yamada

hanako yamada

The ninth rival is the only one who does not have a love interest in Taro. She is Senpai's younger sister and like every sister, she is possessive of her older brother. She hates the idea of ​​another woman being in her brother's life so she will try to get him to promise that she will never have a girlfriend again.

Her name means “flower girl” and she is transferred in week 9 of the game. Hanako never leaves her brother alone and if the previous rivals were killed, Taro will be very overprotective of her sister. For this reason, it is difficult to remove it from it. Let's remember that if senpai sees us killing someone, we automatically lose the game.

Megami Saikou

megami saiko

The tenth, last, and most difficult rival. Her name means “Best Goddess”. Her family is wealthy, she owns the SAIKOU company (we can see the brand on our cell phone). She is the leader of the student club, the most beautiful and popular girl in school, self-confident, strong, and has the confidence of the whole school. She must protect the students, if she finds out about the murders she will use the money to put security at the school with cameras, metal detectors, and e, even security guards. She will pay a detective to investigate what is happening and discover the culprit.

Eliminating her is almost impossible, plus she is always surrounded by people, and she has a bodyguard. It's hard to earn their trust.

Her relationship with Taro is unknown because it has not been explicitly stated that Megami has a love interest in him. The reason she becomes protective of him is because of all the events that happened in the previous weeks. She is Yandere Dev's favorite rival.

Male Rivals in Yandere Simulator

On April 1, 2017, Yandere Dev posted a video where he talks about an alternate version of the game where Senpai is female and the opponents are male. However, it was an April Fools' prank that Yandere Dev confirmed.

male rivals

New and future rivals

Yandere Dev has expressed that, once the game is finished, he will create DLC of rivals, of which are contemplated:
Twins: 2 rivals will be a new game mechanic.
Another Yandere: someone who thinks and is the same as you gives a different touch to the game.
Magical girl – a girl with supernatural powers who is also the heroine of the story.
A policewoman: not going to school and having the police on her side is what makes it difficult and interesting.
Midori Gurin: this girl knows that she is in a game, she has seen everything that has happened and also knows everything related to the game thanks to the fact that she communicates with Yandere Dev, therefore, eliminating her will be a challenge.

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