The Original, Alternate Ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”

I’ve got something super exciting for you today! It’s something that I’m tempted to describe as “lost media” – a video that was created early in 2017 that I thought I had lost forever. What is it? It’s the never-before-seen first draft of one of my most popular videos! Now you can see the original ending to “Driving Your Rivals To Murder in Yandere Simulator”! Take a look:

In this version of the video, Musume is murdered in Ayano’s basement, instead of a warehouse. Also, Ayano stays with Kokona instead of leaving and calling the cops on her. Ayano’s plan was to forge a bond with Kokona by helping her dispose of Musume’s corpse, rather than eliminate Kokona by getting her arrested by police.

This video was originally created on March 22nd, 2017. The final version of the video was uploaded on Sep 30, 2017. The video was in production for so long because I made dozens of adjustments to the artwork and script, which transformed it from this early draft into the final version that you’re all familiar with now.

I hope that you enjoy seeing this never-before-seen piece of Yandere Simulator history!

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