Preview of Upcoming Content Now Available On Patreon!

Preview of Upcoming Content Now Available On Patreon!

Hello! Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about two things:

  1. I have a bunch of cool concept art that nobody has ever seen, and I’d like to share it with the people who would be the most interested.
  2. I almost never post on my Patreon or offer rewards to my patrons.

…and I felt like perhaps these two problems could be the solution to one another!

I’d like to learn whether or not people would be interested in seeing early previews of upcoming content, and/or exclusive looks at never-before-seen concept art – interested enough to join my Patreon, that is. So, I’m going to gauge public interest by making a few posts there over the next few days.

Today, I’m posting 6 illustrations on Patreon that will be in the next build of the game – planned for July 15th. Because this artwork is going to be visible to the world in less than 1 week – and because it’s not a massive spoiler for upcoming gameplay/story additions – I don’t really feel a strong desire to keep it a secret, or any need to put it behind an expensive paywall. So, this artwork is visible to anyone who is donating at least $3 per month on Patreon.

However, some of the other artwork I’d like to show off is much more meaningful – concept artwork for upcoming characters, previews of the content of my upcoming YouTube videos, 3D renders of environments that will be added to the game in the future, etc. I might create a new Patreon tier for posts that reveal the most significant types of upcoming content. What should it be, though? $5? $10? I really haven’t decided yet, but I’ll almost certainly be posting on Patreon more often in the near future!

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