Preview of Upcoming Content #6

Preview of Upcoming Content #6

Man, this is nostalgic. A blog post featuring a screen of Ayano demonstrating a new feature in a white test environment! This takes me back to 2014

Actually, to be completely transparent, this is not a blurred screenshot of guaranteed upcoming content, but potential upcoming content – it’s a feature that I think would be very useful to the player, but could potentially result in the creation of a bunch of new scenarios that might wreck some aspects of the game’s design. Because this new feature would require a lot of time to implement, I asked a programmer to prototype it for me; that way, if it doesn’t work out, it didn’t eat up too much of my time.

If I drop this new feature into the game and learn that it facilitates a bunch of unwanted exploits, the feature will have to be scrapped…at school. But, it could still come in handy during certain befriend/betray stealth missions, where it could serve an entirely different purpose.

What is this mystery feature? If you’re curious, I discuss it in detail – and show a video of it in action – in my latest post on Patreon.

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