October fifteenth Replace

New construct! A number of new options and enhancements, and 46 bug fixes! The guidelines of remaining duties is at all times getting smaller day by day!

To learn a listing of every thing that was added / modified / improved / fastened within the newest construct, scroll down previous this extremely well-made video by ReubenThePig080! It’s very spectacular how properly he captured the look-and-feel of an Ace Lawyer video games, particularly the “Dance of Deduction” sequences from the Nice Ace Lawyer titles:

Mini Map

Often, followers have prompt the concept of including a minimap to the sport. I’ve thought of it many occasions, however I’ve at all times been hesitant to attempt together with it into the sport, as a result of I used to be involved that it might have a destructive impression on the framerate.

Now that we've got reached the “experiment with numerous concepts to see if it improves the sport earlier than the crowdfunding marketing campaign” section of growth, I’ve determined to lastly give that minimap idea a attempt. The end result?

October fifteenth Replace

Hey, it really works! And, whereas testing it, I don’t discover any vital impact on the framerate! Neato!

Clearly, the present placement doesn’t characterize the ultimate area it will occupy on the display; I solely put it there for testing. If it turns into a everlasting addition to the sport, I might transfer it into the nook of the display, and put the popularity bar alongside the fitting facet of it, like this:

October fifteenth Replace

I’m unsure whether or not or not the brand new minimap creates any new bugs, so for now, it’s a type of “you-have-to-mash-a-key-ten-times-to-activate-it-for-testing” kind of options. On this case, it’s the “I” key. Within the newest construct, press the “I” key 10 occasions to be able to activate the minimap function.

It doesn’t actually match the look-and-feel of the remainder of the UI, although, does it? It would look extra applicable if it was pink. So, in case you press the “I” key a further eleventh time…

October fifteenth Replace

Pink filter! Matches the sensation of the sport a bit higher now, doesn’t it?

In the event you’re executed testing it out and wish it to go away, faucet the “I” key once more. Press the “I” key once more after that, and the minimap will return (with out the pink filter, in case you wish to alternate forwards and backwards to resolve what seems greatest.)

So, will it turn out to be a everlasting addition to the sport? Is dependent upon consumer suggestions! If it doesn’t create any new bugs, it doesn’t tank anybody’s framerate, and if gamers say it’s helpful, it's going to in all probability keep. So, please share your suggestions with me!

Chat Interactivity Additions

Quite a few new instructions have been added to the “YouTube Chatroom Interactivity” function!

Earlier than:

October fifteenth Replace


October fifteenth Replace

Fairly vital variety of new instructions, proper? In case it’s not clear what a few of them do, a little bit description will now seem onscreen (tho the left of the chibi Ayano) when highlighting any of the instructions.

10 instructions are for helping the participant, 10 instructions are for sabotaging/trolling the participant, and 5 instructions are purely beauty. (In the event you’re questioning, “Why would I wish to let gamers troll me?” you’re underestimating the leisure worth that an viewers will get from having the ability to fiddle with their favourite streamer. With that stated…) As a result of I acknowledge that almost all gamers may not have an interest within the sabotage choices, they're all disabled by default.

Since not one of the new choices have been examined but (in any case, they will solely be examined if somebody is streaming Yandere Sim stay to YouTube) I recommend attempting them out one after the other to see if any of them are damaged, and in case you encounter a damaged one, reset the college day and disable that one for subsequent runs.

Feeding Prisoners

It's now essential to feed the prisoners in your basement, or else they may starve to dying:

October fifteenth Replace

I thought of having a bunch of various meters – Starvation, Hygiene, and many others – however I made a decision to simply condense all of it into one bar, “Well being”.

A prisoner’s Well being drops by 10% day by day. You should buy meals for them from the comfort retailer on the town. The value of a meal for a kidnapped prisoner would possibly change sooner or later.

Will probably be very apparent when a prisoner has died, as a result of you will notice and listen to flies buzzing round their corpse!

Retro Handheld Minigame

When utilizing the Cross Time command, you'll now have the choice to drag up a handheld sport console and play a little bit retro minigame:

October fifteenth Replace

It’s very simple; you play it with only one button. It doesn’t have an “finish”; the purpose is just to get a excessive rating. It’s a really apparent parody of a sport that was tremendous well-liked just a few years in the past! I ponder if individuals have forgotten it by now…

With the intention to make this function suitable with each Eighties Mode and 202X mode, the hand held sport console is an outdated one from 1989. I suppose which means that Ryoba needed to share her favourite retro video games with Ayano and handed down her outdated handheld to her daughter!

Pupil Gazes

No person actually reported any severe bugs with the “Pupil Gaze” function, so it’s now enabled by default!

October fifteenth Replace

Additionally, many gamers prompt that college students ought to cease taking a look at you after just a few seconds. This suggestion has been integrated into the sport. Nevertheless, college students will return to taking a look at you in case you proceed to face of their presence. Check it out and see the way it feels!

New Achievement Pop-Up

The outdated “Achievement Unlocked!” pop-up was extraordinarily bland. I tried to enhance it, however I’m not totally glad with it. Right here’s the present iteration:

October fifteenth Replace

I'll more than likely proceed to make changes to the scale and form sooner or later, so in case you don’t like the way it at the moment seems, don’t fear; it’ll solely enhance from right here.

Higher Handwritten Font

The font that beforehand appeared on the “Feed Record” display was borderline illegible, and has been changed with a brand new font:

October fifteenth Replace

Significantly better, proper?

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • I’ve made an optimization to the best way that the sport renders the UI. This could, theoretically, enhance the framerate considerably. In the event you undergo from a low framerate whereas enjoying Yandere Simulator, please examine your FPS between the earlier construct and present construct and inform me if there was a major enchancment. Thanks!
  • The act of activating or deactivating Yandere Imaginative and prescient now has an accompanying sound impact! Moreover, Yandere Imaginative and prescient now has a “drone” or “hum” so long as it's energetic. If individuals complain that the SFX don’t sound applicable, they are going to be adjusted sooner or later.
  • Beforehand, if the participant acquired kicked out of a membership for by no means exhibiting up for membership actions, the membership chief would converse to the participant as if they'd a low popularity. New subtitle textual content has been added that's extra applicable for the circumstances.
  • The act of placing objects onto the Chemistry Workbench and crafting chemical compounds there now makes use of totally different sound results than the Crafting Workbench.
  • College students with the “Heroic” Persona or “Violent” Persona will now not carry out the “knees trembling” animation when College Environment is low.


  • After I put the “Kidnap as much as 10 women and hold all of them in your basement” function into the sport, I didn’t check whether or not or not it was nonetheless doable to gather the basement cassette tapes. Sadly, it wasn’t doable! The women had been sitting on prime of the tapes, rendering them inconceivable to choose up. Oops! That is fastened within the newest construct.
  • If the participant was utilizing the “Cinematic Digital camera” when the college day ended, the end-of-day outcomes display wouldn't seem, stopping gamers from seeing the button immediate informing them of learn how to proceed ahead. To any extent further, the “Cinematic Digital camera” will disable itself when the college day ends, to forestall any such confusion.
  • If the participant dismembered a scholar and the cops discovered the scholar’s dismembered corpse, the sport wouldn't increment the “variety of corpses which were found in school” rely, wouldn't maintain a memorial for the lifeless scholar, and wouldn't appropriately decrement college ambiance. This bug has been fastened.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the participant’s popularity to replace in the event that they walked into after which out of the Counselor’s workplace, regardless that the participant’s rep is barely speculated to replace in the event that they attend class or are forcefully despatched to the Counselor’s workplace.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger incorrect textual content to show firstly of the “Finish of Day Outcomes” display if the participant pushed a scholar from the rooftop after which reported the fallen scholar’s corpse to a instructor.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger Sakyu and Inkyu to slip throughout the bottom whereas performing a sitting animation if the participant superior to lunchtime whereas their morning dialog occasion was happening.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the “4 individuals pin down the protagonist” sequence to play in gradual movement if the sequence was activated whereas the participant was engaged within the delinquent fight minigame.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the subtitles for Osana’s Monday morning cellphone name dialog to seem on the backside of the display even when the participant was very distant from the dialog.
  • Mounted bug that precipitated the “College students stare upon Ayano” function to interrupt Raibaru’s “look forwards and backwards between Ayano and Osana” animation whereas Ayano was speaking to Osana about her stalker.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the Basu sisters to have their day by day dialog at lunchtime as a substitute of morning if the participant instantly skipped to lunchtime on the earliest alternative.
  • Within the “House Witch” minigame, if the participant flew previous one of many enemies and the enemy rotated, its sprite would change and seem incorrect. This bug has been fastened.
  • If the participant put {a photograph} onto their corkboard after which deleted that {photograph}, the photograph on the corkboard would turn out to be a “placeholder” picture. This bug has been fastened.
  • If the participant accessed a rival’s bookbag and tampered along with her bento, then saved and reloaded, the sport wouldn't keep in mind the bento sabotage. This oversight has been fastened.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the rival to completely be unavailable to speak for your entire day if the participant skipped on to lunchtime originally of Friday morning.
  • If the participant killed Kyuji on Friday after which let a police investigation occur, the sport would mark Osana as eradicated as a result of matchmaking. Oops! This bug has been fastened.
  • If the participant lethally poisoned Osana after which spoke to Raibaru whereas Osana was dying, Osana would instantly cease dying and turn out to be regular once more. This bug has been fastened.
  • Mounted bug that will stop Chigusa from ever placing her bookbag on her desk if college ambiance was low sufficient that her photographers wouldn’t be at her photograph shoot.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the Counselor sequence to freeze if the participant was despatched to the counselor after being caught crouching or crawling by the scholar council.
  • Mounted bug that will stop the participant from having the ability to shut a door if a cooking membership member’s meals tray fell into the doorway once they had been scared / killed.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger Sonoko to freeze in place completely if the participant walked or ran too shut close by her whereas she was checking for a be aware in her locker.
  • If the participant put any kind of liquid right into a bucket, then saved and reloaded, the bucket may need appeared empty in some circumstances. This bug has been fastened.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger texture errors to seem on the Sports activities Membership when reloading a save file that was made whereas the Sports activities Membership had been working on the monitor.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the sport to imagine that “-1” corpses had been current in school if a corpse was wrapped in a rubbish bag after which buried underground.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger college students to get caught whereas attempting to pathfind round a selected place close by the legendary cherry tree behind the college.
  • Mounted bug that was stopping the delinquent women from shifting to their meant vacation spot if the participant saved and loaded throughout gameplay.
  • Mounted bug that will make the Journalist cease pathfinding if the participant saved and loaded the sport anytime after he had begun to stroll round.
  • Mounted bug that prevented the sport from precisely counting what number of occasions the police had visited Akademi on the stats display in Eighties Mode.
  • Mounted bug that precipitated the Senpai/Osana confession sequence to lack any audio if it was triggered after a police investigation sequence.
  • Mounted bug that will permit the participant to carry out the “Make Meals” exercise an infinite variety of occasions by repeatedly saving and loading.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger each Ayano and Osana to glitch out if Ayano was noticed performing the pool drowning elimination on Osana.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the sport over display to be lifeless silent if it was reached on the finish of a police investigation sequence.
  • Mounted bug that made Osana and Raibaru face the unsuitable instructions throughout Osana’s Friday “share music with Senpai” lunchtime occasion.
  • Mounted bug that will stop Nemesis from placing on the fitting uniform if she was disguising herself as a scholar council member.
  • Mounted bug that was stopping the “Headhunter” icon from lighting up after the participant had unlocked that Achievement.
  • Mounted bug that prevented the delinquent women from returning to their routines correctly when loading a save file.
  • Mounted textual content rendering error that would seem within the “Are you positive you wish to attempt the Amai Problem?” window.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the Eighties Mode rivals to just accept locker notes that they weren’t supposed to just accept.
  • Mounted bug that was stopping the quantity of the present week from displaying beneath the time in school.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the Headmaster’s katana to vanish if the participant saved and loaded the sport.
  • Mounted bug that will stop the sport from supplying the participant with an infinite quantity of narcotics.
  • Mounted bug that will trigger the Martial Arts Gi to show black when the protagonist’s sanity dropped.
  • Mounted bug that prevented the sport from saving and remembering scholar reputations from day after day.
  • Mounted college students who had been within the incorrect order within the Eighties Mode Alphabet Killer Problem.
  • Mounted typo within the textual content for the “Expel” Concept in Eighties Mode.
  • Mounted incorrect texture on the chairs within the artwork room.
  • Mounted typo in Geiju’s activity description.

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