May 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! Same story as yesterday. The most recent build contained some bugs, so here’s a bug-fixing update.

To see a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this ultra-badass illustration of Osoro Shidesu drawn by Amora Celeste!

May 17th Bug-Fixing Build

Fixes and Changes

  • Updated Info-chan’s Schemes text to fix typos, fix incorrect information about item locations, and change the “water bucket trap” Schemes to reference the water cooler method instead.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game’s tutorial to become uncompleteable if the player changed into a swimsuit instead of changing into a gym uniform when instructed to change clothing.
  • Fixed bug that caused Shiromi to lose her signature “elbows up” walking animation if she noticed a dropped object on the ground and the object was then picked up by the player.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player and the Journalist to get locked in place if the player approached the Journalist with a knife while a rival morning event was taking place.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Jokichi and the current rival to become incapable of pathfinding if the player saved and loaded a game during one of their events.
  • The Journalist will now react accordingly if he witnesses the player throw a car battery into a puddle of water in an attempt to commit murder.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the day from advancing forward after returning from a “Guidance Counselor lectures your rival” cutscene.
  • Raibaru now eats lunch during Mission Mode, so that it’s possible to complete a mission that involves poisoning her.
  • It should now be even-more-impossible-er to kill your rival anywhere in the area that the Journalist patrols.
  • Fixed bug that caused the chair and table in/near the Light Music Club to have the incorrect textures.

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