May 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Hello! Got a big build for you today! 21 improvements, 39 bug fixes.

To see a list of everything that was changed or fixed in the latest build, and to hear an update on where we’re currently at with the game’s development, scroll down past this ultra-cute artwork of Ayano by Ms. Ginkiru!

May 15th Bug-Fixing Build


  • Previously, if the player matchmade two characters, they wouldn’t act like it; their routine at school would be identical to what it was like when they were not matchmade. From now on, the game will remember which characters the player has matchmade, and adjust their schedules accordingly. Couples will now spend their time at school cuddling together when they don’t have to be in class, and they will leave school early to spend more time with one another. (As of now, all couples hang out in a row in the same part of school…this looks really awkward, so I’ll probably move them elsewhere in the future.)
  • I have adjusted the Journalist’s AI so that it should be impossible to murder a victim in the long walkway area leading up to the school gate without being caught by him. If you’re up for a challenge, try to prove me wrong – without the use of easter eggs or debug commands, of course! (The Journalist is supposed to prevent the player from committing any murders in the long walkway area outside of the school, so if you can successfully kill somebody there and get away with it, there are definitely some exploits that I need to be made aware of.)
  • Some players requested the ability to dump Moeko’s body into the burning barrel after killing her with fire, so I’ve added this option to the game. It doesn’t count as a proper corpse disposal method; it’s a “just for fun” feature that was added entirely for the amusement of the people who asked for it.
  • The “Week Select” screen now has a 3D interface for selecting the week you want to start on. I was inspired by the creative and era-appropriate Chapter Select screen from “Sucker For Love”!
  • Removed exploit that would make the player appear nearly invisible to characters in the Stalker House Mission or Asylum Stealth Mission while the player was running + crouching.
  • The “Ryoba stabbing dead rival” artwork that displays during the loading screens at low atmosphere now depicts Ryoba stabbing Sumire instead of Raibaru.
  • The Journalist and the Headmaster now have yellow outlines in Yandere Vision, since yellow is the color for “someone who is suspicious of you.”
  • Until now, characters ignored the sound of loud radios if they were studying in class or teaching a class. This is no longer the case.
  • Updated the hair model for one of the 1980s Mode Student Council boys, since his previous hairstyle didn’t suit his personality.
  • Reverted Student Council hair models back to how they previously were, since people liked the old ones better.
  • A bucket of blood will now count as a “mysterious blood stain” during the police investigation sequence.
  • It is now possible to disable the “Rival Slow-Motion Death Animation” feature from the Settings menu.
  • The Journalist will now react to the sight of a mind-broken slave committing murder in front of him.
  • Restored outlines to the 202X character portraits, since I feel like they look nicer with outlines.
  • Characters will no longer notice dropped objects while changing their shoes, since it caused bugs.
  • The Journalist’s position in the school will now be remembered properly when loading a save file.
  • The Journalist will now run out of school and call the cops if he sees a corpse in front of him.
  • Updated the appearance of the “Study Points” screen. (It’s basically been the same since 2014!)
  • Updated the classroom props for the first time in several years.
  • Updated Info-chan’s portrait to reflect her new hair model.
  • Added custom textures to the bully girls’ smartphones.


  • If the player killed a student during the Alphabet Killer Challenge, wrapped the victim in a garbage bag, then saved and loaded the save, a bug would cause items to spawn around the victim. I’ve attempted to fix this bug, but it’s difficult to test for it, so it may not be fixed. Someone will need to test for it and inform me if it has been fixed or not.
  • If the player began to tie Osana’s hair around a heavy weight, but was apprehended in the middle of the animation, Osana would continue to play the “pulled into pool by heavy weight” animation and get dragged into the pool by an invisible force. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a corpse to float in front of the protagonist during the police investigation sequence if the player had been performing the pick-up-a-corpse animation in the moment before the police investigation began.
  • Fixed bug that would cause student council members to look sideways at the protagonist instead of directly at the protagonist if they were alarmed by the protagonist’s footsteps while standing in certain locations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze indefinitely during the Police Investigation sequence if a rival had been framed for murder, but the rival had already left school and gone home.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent characters from exiting the “Follow the Player” request, if the player asked the character to follow them during the final phase of that character’s routine.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Basu sisters to hold their private morning conversations with Ayano sitting between them, if Ayano was already sitting on the bench when the event began.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Raibaru from dying after she had been electrocuted using a car battery in a puddle of water, if she was electrocuted while spying on an Osana+Senpai event.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the game from moving to the Calendar screen if the player sabotaged a senpai-rival interaction event and kidnapped a student on the same day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to get stuck “inside” of a delinquent girl if the player mind-broke a delinquent girl, brought her to school, and approached her.
  • Fixed bug that would break Raibaru’s walk animation if the player attended class to advance time while Raibaru was returning a dropped object to its proper location.
  • Fixed bug that made students on the floor above you or underneath you react to you with screams during SNAP Mode, even though they couldn’t actually see you.
  • Fixed bug that caused the protagonist’s ponytail to disappear after loading a save if the save had been created while the protagonist was wearing a raincoat.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to respond to Osana’s dialogue during the “put bentos on desk” event, even if Raibaru was nowhere near Osana at the time.
  • Fixed bug with the Week Select screen that would cause the game to mark a student as “Dead” if the player marked them as “eliminated through Matchmaking.”
  • Fixed bug that caused the gameplay camera to break during the tutorial if the player alt+tabbed when the screen was black (as Ryoba was stabbing Sumire).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Osana to walk in place permanently if the player saved and loaded the game during her morning conversation with Raibaru.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from properly updating the player’s reputation if a police investigation occurred at any point in the school day.
  • Fixed bug that caused Student Council members to have a red “rival” outline after breaking up a fight between Ayano and another character.
  • Fixed bug that made Osana speak with Kokona’s voice when reacting to the guidance counselor finding an answer sheet planted in her desk.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game from remembering the position/status of the car battery and masking tape when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to lose their unique walking animation after returning a dropped object to its correct location.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing any text from appearing in the text field for “Crush” at the Student Info screen for certain characters.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the mind-broken slave “tattered rags” clothing to be the wrong size when worn by any of the bully girls.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Student Info screen to appear broken if the player opened it while inside of the protagonist’s home.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the bookbag from remembering what item was supposed to be inside of it when saving/loading the game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause any 1980s Mode student who was marked as a target to freeze in place after eating a bag of chips.
  • Fixed bug that caused the muddy shoeprints in the east zen garden to be identified as “blood” after taking a photo of them.
  • Fixed bug that would disable the blue screen tint of 1980s Mode if the player played 202X and then 1980s Mode afterwards.
  • Fixed bug that caused the camera to stop moving smoothly after the player took a successful “sneak panty shot.”
  • Fixed bug that prevented Senpai and Osana’s subtitles from appearing until the player was super close to them.
  • Fixed bug that caused the protagonist’s body to turn invisible while wearing a raincoat after loading a save.
  • Attempted to fix pathfinding bug that would cause students to get stuck on one of the tables in the library.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to use the “dig a hole in the gardening club” feature.
  • Fixed bug that caused a red line to appear across the protagonist’s eyes when she was stained with blood.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the “tattered rags” that kidnapped victims and mind-broken slaves wear.
  • Fixed bug that made the Guidance Counselor’s doors slide open when visiting her.
  • Fixed bug that caused Amai’s apron to use the wrong texture.

Oversight Resolved

If the player steals something (a smartphone or jewlry) from a student, the student will inform the guidance counselor that a theft has taken place. The guidance counselor will check the belongings of all students before they leave school. This means that if you attempt to leave school with stolen property, you will be caught and expelled from school.

To avoid getting expelled for having stolen property, you’re supposed to place the stolen property into a student’s bag to frame that student for stealing. But…what if that student takes their bag and leaves school? Now you’re screwed, holding onto stolen property with no way to get rid of it and avoid getting a “Caught Stealing” game over.

To fix this problem, I have added the ability to return a girl’s stolen ring to the spot that it was stolen from in the locker room. Sorry about this oversight!

Unfinished Additions

You may notice a couple of peculiar changes to the school in this build. A table in the Science Classroom has been changed to silver, and one of the teachers in 1980s Mode now spends most of her time in her classroom instead of the school faculty room from Week 2 onward. Why? These are changes that I began working on, but didn’t have time to finish. I wanted to release a new build on the 15th, so I stopped what I was doing and uploaded the build, leaving these two things in an unfinished state. They will almost certainly be finished in the next build, though!

Next Objectives

I’ve made a lot of progress chewing through my list of changes and improvements that I want to make to 1980s Mode. The next item on the list is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time; something that will add some additional challenge and replayability to the game. What is it, exactly? I’d prefer to keep it a secret so that it will be a surprise – but it will incorporate some suggestions and address some complaints that I’ve been hearing since the release of 1980s Mode. I hope you’re going to look forward to it!

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