March 2nd Bug-Fixing build


Some users reported a bug that was making the corkboard sequence play in the daytime or play in 1980s Mode, which wasn’t intentional. I couldn’t actually replicate those bugs! However, I put in some code to manually force the game out of that situation if it ever somehow happens. I feel that it was important to release a new build with that adjustment as quickly as possible, so here’s a new build.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, please scroll down past this outstanding artwork by blue_nori_snow!

March 2nd Bug-Fixing build


On a day involving a memorial for a dead student, the Drama Club cannot practice on the stage, and have to remain in their clubroom during their club activity. However, if the player participated in a Drama club activity on such a day, they would see a camera shot of the empty gym, instead of the clubroom. From now on, the player will see a shot of the inside of the Drama Club, instead.

Previously, when the Gardening Club shut down, some metal bars would appear and block the entrance to the club. From now on, those metal bars will be a metal gate. It is possible to lockpick that gate, too. This means that, even if the Gardening Club shuts down, you can still access gasoline (as long as you craft or purchase a lockpick).

There is now a button prompt onscreen to let the player know that they can switch between “Subtle” and “Obvious” aiming. The button is now the Q key (or B button on gamepad).

Raibaru will no longer warn Osana about the smell of nearby gasoline if she is currently busy with another activity, such as returning a dropped weapon to its proper place.

In 202X, the nurse’s cabinet cannot be lockpicked. To communicate this, the button prompt for lockpicking has been changed to “Cannot Be Lockpicked”.

Updated the texture for the statue outside of the Art Club.


There was a bug that would cause a female character’s bust to revert back to default size upon becoming a ragdoll (either due to death or being tranquilized). This bug has been fixed.

During a stealth mission, if the player paused the game immediately after exiting Yandere Vision, the player would be able to move while the game was paused. This bug has been fixed.

Previously, it was possible to activate Yandere Vision and pause/unpause the game while watching the “a corpse has been dumped into the sewer” cutscene. This bug has been fixed.

If the player had Yandere Vision active before initiating a dismemberment, Yandere Vision would remain active during the dismemberment animation. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed bug that would cause the “Random Mission” feature to generate a mission that asked the player to kill a target with a weapon that wasn’t available in Mission Mode.

Fixed bug that caused the “Ayano standing in front of corkboard” cutscene to play in 1980s Mode. This was not intentional! It’s only supposed to be for 202X Mode.

There was a bug that was preventing Senpai’s Student Info page from displaying his info outside of Mission Mode. This bug has been fixed.

The new counselor model wasn’t being used in the Memorial cutscene. Oops! This has been fixed.

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