March 1st Update


New build! Multiple features have been added/updated. Some are minor aesthetic changes, others are noteworthy improvements to gameplay.

I’ve prepared a video to describe and explain the most significant aspect of this update:

To read a list of everything else that was added or changed in the latest build, click Continue Reading!

Throw Update

There are now two “preparing to throw object” states – “Obvious” and “Subtle.”

March 1st Update
March 1st Update

You can switch between these two states by pressing the “Yandere Button” – it’s RB on controller and left control on keyboard. (This information isn’t explained anywhere in-game, so I’ll have to remember to make it display onscreen in the next build…)

Some information about these two throw states:

  • When subtly aiming, you don’t look suspicious, but you can’t throw very far.
  • When obviously aiming, you look suspicious, but you can throw much farther.
  • When subtly aiming, you can repeatedly throw objects faster than when you’re obviously aiming.

Oh, and one more thing:

The maximum distance that you can throw an object is now increased when you upgrade your Physical Education stat.

New Counselor Model

The Guidance Counselor’s 3D model has been updated to more accurately reflect her official character artwork:

March 1st Update

Panty Shot Alternative

Two of Osana’s elimination methods – Expulsion and Rejection – required the player to take panty shots with Osana’s phone, in order to frame her for taking lewd photographs. However, I want to be able to say “You can 100% the game without taking a single panty shot,” so I’ve implemented an alternative way to put lewd photographs onto Osana’s phone:

March 1st Update

If you bring Osana’s phone to the Computer Lab, you can now sit down at a computer, find lewd photographs on the Internet, and put them onto Osana’s phone. This way, you can perform the Expulsion and Rejection elimination methods without ever letting a pair of panties enter your field of vision.


  • When a club shuts down, it no longer makes sense for that club to put forth any recruitment efforts. So, from now on, whenever a club shuts down in 1980s Mode, the “Join our club!” advertisement stands will disappear from outside of that club.
  • Added a new Scheme to Info-chan’s Schemes menu – a Scheme that explains how to perform the “Drive to Murder” elimination method (currently about driving Horuda to murder, rather than driving a rival to murder).
  • If the Music Club shuts down, the turtle and its aquarium will disappear from the room, since it doesn’t make sense to keep a living animal in a room that nobody can access.
  • If you activate Yandere Vision when security cameras are present at school, you will now see red outlines indicating the security cameras’ cone of vision.
  • The love letter that Ayano holds on the title screen wasn’t really a good-looking asset, so it has been replaced with a better-looking one.
  • The “students refuse to go to locker at lunchtime” restriction now only applies to rivals; it doesn’t apply to other students.
  • Senpai’s profile in Mission Mode was inconsistent with the events of Mission Mode’s timeline, so it has been adjusted.


  • If the player annoyed a teacher with a radio and then performed one giggle nearby that teacher, the teacher would react as if they had discovered the player repeatedly turning the radio on and off, or repeatedly giggling. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a “chromatic abberation” effect to appear in Ayano’s room if the player got a game over and then selected “Reset Week” while their sanity was low enough to trigger the “chromatic abberation” effect at school.
  • If the player participated in a tutorial that involved Kokona’s death and then advanced out of the tutorial into Ayano’s room, Kokona would be marked as dead in the Student Info screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player spoke to a character who was in the process of searching for a lost phone, the player would not correctly return to their search routine after the conversation had ended. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player summoned a tutorial window from Info-can’s Favors screen or the Tutorials list, there would be multiple redundant button prompts onscreen at the same time. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from allowing the player to load any Mission Mode ID that involved about 50% of the game’s weapons (anything after the Old Axe was added to the game).
  • If Osana was splashed with water during her Wednesday lunchtime event and never took a photo for Sepnai, she would still show a photo to Senpai later that day. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player dyed their hair blonde, their new hair color wouldn’t be reflected in the befriend/betray Osana cutscene. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that caused Megami’s school uniform to be grayscale in the “Congratulations on beating the Alphabet Killer Challenge” screen.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Mission Mode from allowing the player to load any Mission Mode ID that involved wearing a lab coat.
  • Fixed bug that caused weird behavior from Osana if she was splashed with water during her Wednesday lunchtime event.
  • Fixed bug that made Ayano’s pose in a weird way if she laughed while holding the science club’s cleaning robot.
  • Updated the guidance counselor’s 3D model to more accurately reflect her official character artwork.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent students from being able to open doors after loading a save.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to stand on top of the table in the Headmaster’s office.
  • Fixed bug that prevented teachers from being able to open doors in the gymnasium.
  • Fixed typo on title screen – “Load Game” was misspelled. Oops!

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