July 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Whoops! I try to update the game on the 1st and 15th day of every month, but I was one day late this time. Sorry about that!

Got a new build for you with 19 improvements and 31 bug fixes!

To read a list of everything that was improved or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely amazing illustration by jp_qxv!

July 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Visible Diaries

The “Search inside of a girl’s bookbag to find her diary and learn her secrets” feature now has actual visuals, instead of just being white text on a blue screen. Take a look:

July 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Every girl has a unique-looking diary (most of them with doodles in the corners of the page that reflect the girl’s personality), a unique “embarrassing secret”, and unique text for the “EVIL PHOTOGRAPHER” revelation. Some of the girls’ secrets are quite dark, so I hope that people take the time to read them.


  • In extremely high-level Mission Mode missions (with very low school atmosphere) that involve poisoning a target, it was nearly impossible to poison any student at lunchtime because of the surrounding witnesses having an increased range of vision. To make these missions more feasible, there are now cardboard boxes in the hallways that provide the player with cover to hide behind while performing the poisoning animation. (I’m considering the possibility that the player should have to move these cardboard boxes into place, perhaps by carrying them and stacking them manually, but I’m not sure yet.)
  • From now on, when talking to a club leader about their club, you will hear background music play that matches the atmosphere of their club. Spooky music for the Occult Club, traditional Japanese instruments for the Martial Arts club, dark hip hop for the delinquents, etc. (The Photography Club’s music becomes darker when its members switch to the “Sleuth” Persona, and the Light Music Club’s theme is different between 202X and 1989.)
  • Delinquents who know that you’re a murderer will no longer continue to chase and attack you even after they have been defeated in a fight; they will now give up and run out of school after a single defeat. This is to prevent situations where a group of 3 delinquents is perpetually chasing you around, attacking you every 10 seconds or so.
  • The “Stab Raibaru in the back with a weapon while she is fighting with a mind-broken slave to make her lose the fight” feature will now only work if the player is holding a small stabbing weapon such as a kitchen knife (it no longer works with blunt weapons such as baseball bats).
  • Walking around with a garbage bag box is now considered suspicious outside of Cleaning Time. (This is only one way that I plan to nerf garbage bags. More nerfs are coming in the near future to balance this overpowered feature.)
  • Gave Moeko a unique “light paper on fire and drop it in barrel” animation instead of using a previously-existing animation that was a rough approximation of the action she was supposed to be performing.
  • Sped up Dracula-chan’s animations so that the Yanvania Dracula fight goes by faster, and also expanded her hitbox to her entire body since nobody seemed to realize that her weak point was her head.
  • It is now possible to scroll up/down Info-chan’s Schemes, Services, and Drops menus by holding up/down instead of tapping up/down dozens of times until you reach the selection you’re searching for.
  • Changed the 3D models that pop up when you craft a Chemistry item, since the player wouldn’t logically be receiving the crafted chemical in a plastic bottle with proper labeling on it.
  • Added a “Skip” button to the “Ryoba talks while Jokichi is tied to a chair” cutscene at the end of 1980s Mode, so that players can skip the cutscene if they wish to.
  • The crafting screen now has a little “hint” window at the bottom-right corner to help new players understand where to look for crafting materials/chemicals.
  • Ryoba’s “Cooking Club Accessory” model in 1980s Mode now confirms to the shape of her hair, instead of being shaped for Ayano’s ponytail.
  • Adjusted the size/shape of Ryoba’s smile at the end of the courtroom sequence, because it looked different than intended.
  • Students will no longer agree to go check their locker for a note if they are currently wearing a swimsuit.
  • A student will no longer agree to “Distract” or “Follow Me” or “Go Away” if they are wearing a swimsuit.
  • Suitors will no longer stalk the girl they have a crush on if their crush is currently in the bathroom.
  • It is now possible to report a corpse to teachers even if class is in session.
  • Updated the model and texture for Kyoshi (the tan blonde gym teacher of Ayano’s time period).


  • Fixed bug that would prevent one of Info-chan’s Schemes from advancing. If the player fails to eavesdrop on Osana’s phone conversation or rooftop conversation, Info-chan’s “Befriend/Betray” Scheme failed to update. So, from now on, it’ll be possible to manually advance that Scheme by purchasing Osana’s “Dark Secret” from Info-chan, instead of having to restart the day to get a second chance at advancing the Scheme.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to initiate a “Rival confesses to Senpai” game over if Friday ended with a police investigation, even if the rival was supposed to confess to another boy. The day will now end with a “Rival confesses to her suitor” scene if the player ends Friday with a police investigation. (Speedrun strategy?)
  • Fixed bug that caused students to forget the fact that they agreed to have a meeting with the player if the player saved and loaded their game after arranging the meeting (through a note in the student’s locker).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Cannot Attack; No Spare Clothing” warning to appear even if the player was currently wearing bloody clothing (and thus it wouldn’t matter if the clothing got any more bloody).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to get stuck in a permanent “The police discovered corpses at school” loop if the player incinerated a corpse, saved their game, loaded the game, and then ended the day.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Raibaru to enter her “mentoring martial arts club” animation while following Osana around school if she was told to mentor the martial arts club while Osana was in an event.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to lose all purchased gifts in their inventory if they increased one of a suitor’s traits but did not have him participate in a matchmaking gift on the same day.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to incorrectly believe that bloody weapons were present at school if the player splattered a weapon with blood, incinerated it, then saved and reloaded their game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents to slide across the ground while performing their idle animation if they were affected by a stink bomb after noticing weird behavior from the player.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from ever being able to pick up an dropped weapon that was noticed by a teacher, specifically if it was a weapon brought to school from home.
  • Fixed bug that made Newspaper Club members gather outside of the Sociology Classroom instead of gathering outside of the Newspaper Clubroom if the club was shut down.
  • Fixed bug that would cause any corpse buried in the gardening club to spring up into a standing position after participating in the delinquent beat-em-up minigame.
  • Fixed bug in Mission Mode that would cause any Sleuthing student to not return to their seat properly if they investigated a suspicious sound while eating a meal.
  • Fixed bug that caused Raibaru to get stuck and stop pathfinding if Osana was dead at the time that her “get phonecall from stalker” event was supposed to happen.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to casually talk to Moeko while she was lighting a fire, even though she is supposed to try to hide her pyromaniac hobby.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a kidnapped character’s appearance in your basement to be inconsistent with their appearance at school. (Hairstyle, etc.)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a “Screwdriver brought to home from school” from appearing in the player’s inventory upon loading a saved game.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s hair to clip through the musical instrument case after they had been tranquilized and placed inside.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the suitor’s “stretching” animation from looping properly when performing a “strength increase” activity.
  • Fixed bug in Yanvania that would cause Dracula-chan’s final line of dialogue to float in midair after the fight with her had begun.
  • Fixed bug that caused the red “tag” circle to lag behind a student’s head instead of matching a student’s head position perfectly.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an “arrested by Journalist” game over and a “heartbroken by Senpai” game over to appear simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that caused an inactive button prompt to appear at the bottom of the screen when spying on an Osana/Senpai interaction.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to clip the camera into walls during Senpai and Osana’s rooftop conversation.
  • Fixed bug that caused the student council boys of 1989 to have pure white uniforms upon loading a save.
  • Fixed bug that gave Raibaru the ability to have perfect vision even when inside of a smoke cloud.
  • Fixed bug that caused the 1980s Mode map to label the “Sociology Classroom” as the “Gaming Club.”
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to conceal a trash can inside of another trash can.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Expel” Idea from displaying the correct text.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to always begin Lovesick Mode with $0.00.
  • Fixed a typo in the “Frame Osana for Murder” Scheme.

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