February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

The latest build was mostly stable, but did have a few noticeable bugs in it, so I’m releasing a bug-fixing build that resolves the issues that some people were reporting.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this amazing illustration of Oka by Kirnx!

February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Additions, Changes, Improvements

  • While testing the Pre-Tutorial cutscene, I needed a way to jump directly to certain parts of the cutscene. So, I added a debug command – the “E” key would manually advance the cutscene. I accidentally left this debug command in the game! Whoops! In the latest build, I’ve removed the debug command from the game so that nobody triggers it on accident. …however, you are able to restore that functionality by mashing the “E” key 10 times, just in case you find that to be the fastestt method of advancing through the cutscene.
  • The point of the tutorial is to get the player familiar with the mechanics they’re going to need to be aware of to excel at the game, and the player needs to be familiar with the “Police Checklist” in order to avoid getting arrested, so from now on, the Police Checklist will be displayed onscreen during the “Final Test” tutorial. Also, it is now necessary to restore your Sanity to 100% to complete the Final Test.
  • Previously, holding down the “Skip” button during the Pre-Tutorial cutscene would always skip directly to the “refuse to participate in tutorial” outcome, even if the player had already accepted Kokona’s request. From now on, holding down “Skip” will jump to the end of whatever outcome the player has currently selected, either “accept” or “decline.”
  • Added one new render to Ryoba’s post-courtroom monologue.
  • Added two new renders to Ryoba’s monologue about Sonoko.


  • It was possible to “sequence break” the “Cleaning Evidence” tutorial and wash your clothing before washing your weapon, which would cause the tutorial to break at the part where it wants you to wash your clothing. This bug has been fixed.
  • It was possible to place a covert listening device (bug) in the girls’ bathroom during the tutorial for Info-chan, even though the player hadn’t met Info-chan yet. This oversight has been fixed.
  • If the player attempted to dump a corpse into the incinerator while dragging it, the “closing incinerator doors” sound effect would play, and nothing else would happen. This bug has been fixed.
  • If the player chose any school uniform aside from the default option, the “Empty Husk” students in the “Final Test” of the tutorial would have messed-up textures. This bug has been fixed.
  • If a tutorial ended while Ayano was holding a corpse, she would continue performing the “holding corpse” animation even when at the tutorial menu screen. This bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed bug that would permanently remove the circular saw from the 202X Tutorial if the player dropped it into the incinerator during the “Final Test” tutorial.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to get stuck in a “Dipping Mop” state if a tutorial ended while the player was performing a “dipping mop” animation.
  • Made adjustment to the pathfinding grid to prevent Kuroko from getting stuck while trying to pathfind to her seat in the student council room.
  • Info-chan’s “Hint” pop-ups will no longer appear during the Kokona tutorials, because Ayano hasn’t met Info-chan yet at that point in time.
  • It’s no longer possible to activate debug commands and easter eggs during the tutorial. That was not intended!
  • Fixed bug that was preventing background ambience from playing during Ryoba’s monologue about Sonoko.

By the way, check out this gorgeous artwork of Amai by tho_liem!

February 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

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