February 2nd Status Report

The tutorial cutscene is now 100% finished! Barring some slight animation tweaks that might come in a future update later this month, I’m satisfied with it, and I’m ready to release a new build containing it. I’ve also finished the “overhaul” that I mentioned I was doing to one of the game’s features. The new build is ready to be released! It’s going to be a really big build; I’ve already written the blog post for it, and it’s a very long one! But…there’s one thing holding me back from releasing it.

I’d like to elaborate and share all of my thoughts on the matter, but first, let’s get something out of the way; for every day that passes that I don’t release the update, I’m going to share a preview of something that will appear in the next update. Here is today’s preview:

It’s an adjustment to the visuals of the intro animation; now there are shards of glass floating around Ayano, symbolizing the feeling of being broken, shattered, and torn into pieces. I still plan to make other changes to the rest of the intro cutscene, as well; the rest of the intro cutscene will gradually get updated little by little over time.

Okay! With that out of the way, let’s get to the reasoning for why I’m not releasing a new build right this very minute. Please click Continue Reading:

Why No Update Today?

Okay…here’s my reasoning.

I’m really proud of the tutorial, and the cutscene preceeding it. It was a lot of work – about as much work as putting a new gameplay mode into the game. It’s rare for this many new animations + voice lines + gameplay objectives to go into the game all at once. The last time something like that happened, it was 1980s Mode, and the time before that, it was the addition of Osana.

“But, YandereDev! It’s just a tutorial! Tutorials are always the most boring part of a game; many people just skip them!” Yeah, yeah, I know. But in terms of how much time/work/effort/assets went into it, it’s a big addition to the game.

Because I think it’s such a big deal, I’ve been considering the idea of making a YouTube video about it on my main channel. Yes, that’s right – barely a month after I said, “I won’t return to YouTube until I’ve finished my entire checklist, and my next video will be a summary of everything I’ve done since 1980s Mode…” I’m considering just uploading an entire video to talk about one subject, the tutorial. If I decide to do this, I wouldn’t release a new build until after the video was complete. (If I plan to make a video about the game’s latest content, I never release the content before the video.)

However, the video wouldn’t take very long to create. It wouldn’t really be a traditional YandereDev video. For one thing, it wouldn’t have any voiceover narration from me. Because Kokona is talking almost nonstop for the entire duration of the tutorial, there would be almost no room for me to talk. And there’s not much for me to say, anyway, since tutorials are so common and universally understood that I don’t need to spend any time justifying the tutorial’s existence. The video would basically just be me showing you the pre-tutorial cutscene, and then every aspect of the tutorial.

I’m not certain whether or not I really want to do this. I feel that there are pros and cons to the decision.


  • New YandereDev video! That’s something you want to see more of, right?
  • I get to show off something I’m proud of to a large audience!
  • YouTubers are going to upload “All Yandere Simulator Tutorials” videos, anyway, so I may as well do it myself.


  • I just made a video less than 2 months ago announcing that I wouldn’t be uploading anything to YouTube until I had met certain criteria, and I haven’t met that critera yet.
  • People might be underwhelmed by a video where I don’t talk and do nothing but tutorials.
  • This will probably be “the newest video on my channel” for several months. Because it’ll be the “newest” video, it’ll be interpreted as “the latest news about Yandere Simulator.” For a lot of people, “He put a tutorial in the game” will not be interesting or significant news. This could make the game look bad. I would rather have the “latest video” continue to be the “Disappearance of YandereDev” video, since that video carries a meaningful message.
  • I can already tell what lame remarks people are going to make about the video. “It took him 9 years to put a tutorial in the game? This game won’t come out until 3023!” and other stupid crap like that. Why bother giving people fuel for shitty remarks? Maybe I shouldn’t release any videos at all until I have something ultra-impressive to show off.

I haven’t really made a decision yet. I might make a video to show off the tutorial, I might not. I’ll make my decision tomorrow. Even if I do decide to make the video, I anticipate that it won’t take very long to make. Either way, you’re probably less than 48 hours away from getting a new build.

I hope that clears things up. Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

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