Drawing the 10 rivals: Kizana Sunobu!


Hi all members!



Continuing with the next rival, this time, I will

draw Kizana Sunobu. On the part of the

fandom, she is one of the most hated rivals.

(I think because she is a physical copy of

Kokona Haruka, a “rival” who appeared right

at the beginning of the game’s development,

but who, as the years went by, became just

another filler student) But for me, she is one

of my favorites along with Amai and Mida.

That is why I was very happy to have to

draw her for this blog.


And so…


Let’s get started!





Finished drawing





I never did the same or similar hairstyle to

Kizana’s, but still, I tried to draw it. The

flowers in her hair were somewhat

complicated to draw, so I drew them a

little more simply. What I liked the most

about the drawing were her stockings: It

was the first time that I detailed the

stockings of a character so much. Final

rating: 8/10


And well, that’s all for today. I hope you

liked the drawing. In the next blog, I will

draw the next rival… Oka Ruto!


And so…



Drawing the 10 rivals: Kizana Sunobu!
Credits to Gekatinia

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