May 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops! Not all of the features added to the last build were working properly, and the last build also introduced some new bugs. Sorry about that! Here’s a new build with those issues resolved.

To read a list of everything that got fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this badass illustration of a katana-wielding delinquent Ayano drawn by RedfoxDreams!

May 16th Bug-Fixing Build


  • It should now be absolutely impossible to murder your rival in the area where the Journalist patrols, prior to the rival leaving that area. (It’s still possible later on in the day, but not within the first 60 seconds of the schoolday.)
  • Fixed bug that could result in students instantly becoming aware of the existence of corpses on the opposite side of the school, when reloading a save file that had corpses present in the school scene.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze and spawn infinite heads when dismembering a student if the student was being dismembered after loading a save file.
  • Fixed bug that made the game believe that there were still bloody weapons at school even after the player had incinerated all bloody weapons.
  • Updated the posters on the bulletin boards inside of the classrooms to remove references to anything that wouldn’t have existed in 1989.
  • Fixed bug that prevented students from being marked as dead in the Student Info menu if the player reloaded a save file.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to become unable to pathfind to any corpse that was on top of the school gym stage.
  • Fixed bug that caused the sign outside of the Counselor’s room to read “Info Club” instead of “Counselor’s Office.”
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “dig holes in the gardening club” feature from working.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the “dump corpse into barrel” feature from working.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to fit a Jerry Can inside of a bookbag.

I’m aware that there are more bugs than this in the current build, and I intend to release a bug-fixing build soon, but I wanted to release a new build with the above bugs fixed as soon as possible.

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