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This is the FAQ, which answers frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered here, comment or email me at figgy c at figgy c dot uk (no spaces at all and at and dot replaced with @ and . respectively)

Q: I have X foreign keyboard layout, how do I open the debug menu / easter eggs / reset the day?

A: For American keyboards, use this layout for reference:

yandere for mac

For ANY international keyboard, use the positions described in this reference, not the labels (which are specific to the UK layout):

yanderesim for mac

Credit to Apple (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201794) for keyboard images.

Q: I have a Macbook / Magic Trackpad with no right click button. How do I open the camera?

A: Check this option in System Preferences > Trackpad to enable right clicking with the trackpad, then hold down two fingers and use Ctrl to take a picture. Credit to http://www.extensions.in.th/amitiae/2014/prefs/track.html for Trackpad preferences because I don’t have a Macbook for reference.

yandere simulator for mac

Q: Why does the incinerator make annoying noises after I dump something in it?

A: The cause of this issue is unknown, however there is a patch to fix it! To apply it, extract the zip file. Then right-click on YandereMac.app and click “Show Package Contents” then Contents. If you see a Data folder, simply drag the sharedassets10.assets file into it, otherwise go into Resources and do the same thing to the YandereMac.app in here that you did earlier, then you should see the Data folder which you can drag the sharedassets10.assets into.

Link to the latest patch:


Q: I see a “root” folder when I download the zip file. Where’s YandereMac?

A: Due to a flaw in my automated build packaging system that is run on my personal server (yes I am that lazy) the zip file somewhat replicates the file structure of my server. If you click through all the folders (root and ym_base in most cases) you should find a YandereMac.app, ready to drag into /Applications (or place on the desktop if you are as messy as 99% of the installation videos on YouTube)

Q: Why is the blood on Yandere-chan’s body black?

A: I don’t know why, and there is currently no patch avaliable and it is not high on my list as I mainly plan to rewrite the launcher in a language that isn’t AppleScript to fix many bugs with it and it is not as game-breaking as the furnace bug.

Q: How do I get the launcher to work if it freezes in the middle of a download or I get an error involving <<class ppgt>>?

A: You will need to start by manually downloading the game files (either by going to YandereDev’s website or by using my internal mirror that is download by the launcher at http://figgyc.uk/yan_latest.zip (I know the game is a RAR file but I was stupid when I wrote the launcher and if I changed it now it would break everyone’s launcher) and placing it in ~/Downloads/ (the default location for most major web browsers including Safari) and if you had downloaded from a source besides my mirror, change the filename to yan_latest.zip (you will need to go to Finder Preferences > Advanced and enable “Show all filename extensions” if you haven’t already) then open Terminal.app (either with Spotlight, the Dock or Desktop if you have it there, the Other folder in Launchpad or the Utilites folder in /Applications) and then type

echo "force local" > ~/.ym_version

into Terminal, then press Enter and Quit the Terminal, then restart the launcher. It should prompt you to force installation from the location where you just placed the files, so press OK.yanderedev for mac

Note that if you decide not to go ahead with this you will need to write this into Terminal to reset it back into normal mode as otherwise it will keep prompting you every time.

curl -sL http://figgyc.uk/ym_info > ~/.ym_version

I will make a better method for doing this when I get around to rewriting the launcher (probably holding ctrl).

Q: X happened to my launcher’s version of the game. How do I reinstall it?

A: There is two ways to do this. One is the “easy way” which will redownload the launcher which is a good thing to do every once in a while anyway as the launcher itself is not self-updating (only the game), and two the “hard way” which saves you about 13MB of bandwidth redownloading the launcher but is a bit more difficult. To do the hard way, open Terminal as described in the last question and type in:

rm ~/.ym_version

After that reopen the launcher and it should ask you to redownload the game like it did the first time you opened the launcher. Click OK (clicking launch anyway will launch your old and presumably corrupted version of the game) and it will redownload.

Q: How do I add mods / skins to the game?

A: Start by right clicking on YandereMac.app then click Show Package Contents then Contents. If you see a Data folder go into it and if not go into Resources, there should be another YandereMac.app so do the same (right click, Show Package Contents, Contents) again and there should be a Data folder which you should go into. For skins, drag the files into the StreamingAssets folder. For mods that have .assets file extensions (like the aforementioned furnace patch) or mods that have several folders, somewhat duplicating the existing file structure (like the post-April 4th Osana mod) just drag them into the Data folder. Make sure you download the latest version of your mod for the April 4th Build!

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  1. I downloaded it, it worked on that day for me, but after that it just wouldn’t open. I’ve redownloaded it five times, can someone help?

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