Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting Yandere Simulator

90% of the bug reports that I receive do not contain enough information for me to fix the bug that is being reported.

In order to provide a helpful bug report, you MUST follow the instructions written at the bottom of this post.

Here is a list of currently-known bugs:


  • The protagonist and the camera can clip through some walls and some props because collision has not yet been added to them. This is most noticeable in the bathrooms.
  • If Yandere-chan is standing between the school gates when they close, she can clip into them and become trapped outside of school.
  • If a student dies while clipping into a wall or an object, the ragdoll physics on their corpse will break.
  • Spinning in a circle while holding onto a corpse will make the corpse stretch out.

Blood and Gore

  • When dismembering a female corpse, the body parts that appear will be wearing a white schoolgirl uniform regardless of what the NPC was wearing.
  • NPCs don’t react to the sight of dismembered limbs yet.
  • The police don’t acknowledge dismembered limbs yet.
  • It is not yet possible to dismember male corpses.
  • NPCs don’t react to the sight of blood yet.
  • Blood does not spawn properly on stairs.


  • If you push a girl off the school rooftop, the shoes that are removed from her feet are always black, regardless of the actual color of her shoes.
  • Sometimes an NPC’s path-finding will break, and they will get stuck on other NPCs or spin in circles.
  • Resetting the game after investing Study Points doesn’t reset the Study Points.
  • If you kill a student, they can still post messages on social media.


  • On the lowest graphical setting, a ponytail hair-tie is permanently visible on the back of Yandere-chan’s head during some of her alternate hairstyles.
  • When the player enters first-person mode, any large hats, accessories, large hairstyles may partially block the camera’s view.
  • Sometimes, after taking a photograph, Xbox controller buttons will be displayed onscreen instead of keyboard keys.

Not a Bug

  • If you see this, or if you can’t see any text displaying when you try to play the game, it means that your download was corrupted, or your anti-virus software made a mistake and deleted some of Yandere Simulator’s files. Either re-download the game, or wait until the game has a launcher that checks the integrity of the game’s files before launching the game.
  • The town is completely placeholder, and only exists to test out the general “feeling” of riding a bike around a town. It will be scrapped and replaced eventually. So, it doesn’t really matter if you find a place where you can clip through a wall or do an infinite wheelie inside of the town.
  • The lighting inside of bathrooms works differently than the lighting everywhere else in the game. This is intentional for now.
  • Students and teachers currently can not travel beyond the school. For now, this is intentional, because allowing them to travel beyond the school would significantly impact the framerate.
  • Currently, Yandere-chan can only wear gloves while wearing the school uniform; not her gym uniform, or a swimsuit.
  • I’m not going to change anything about the appearance or behavior of a dead Titan corpse.

Bug Report Instructions

To fix a bug, I need to see a list of steps that cause the bug to happen 100% of the time. This is extremely important. Without a set of “repro steps”, I can’t reproduce the bug or try to fix it.

If you figure out a set of steps that reliably causes the bug to happen, then please tell me what those steps are. If you can’t give me extremely clear instructions on exactly how to replicate the bug that you found, then don’t bother sending me a bug report. If I cannot experience the bug for myself, then I won’t be able to fix it.

  • DO NOT report bugs that you saw in a Let’s Play video. New builds are updated very frequently, so YouTube videos become outdated very quickly.
  • If you only encounter a bug ONCE and you cannot cause it to happen again, DO NOT bother reporting it
  • ONLY report a bug if you can successfully trigger the bug any time you try to make it happen.
  • ONLY report a bug if you can can tell me exactly what I must do to experience it for myself.
  • DO NOT report bugs that can only occur when you are using debug commands. Debug commands will not be available in the final game, so it’s pointless to report bugs that result from them.
  • DO NOT use vague language. ONLY use extremely specific and clear language.
  • DO NOT attempt to tell jokes in your bug report. ONLY give me the facts.

If all of these criteria are met, you can report bugs to [email protected] Please include the word “Bug” somewhere in the subject of your e-mail.

It would really, REALLY help if you would send me video footage of the bug, especially if it’s video footage of the exact steps that must be followed in order to produce a bug during the Police Investigation sequence.

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